Logbook Entry #9

Right now Likedeeler Pirate Radio is on Air! Just a few days ago, at eastern, we have filled up the Radioserver with many cool stuff out of the deepest Deep of our Harddisks, and yes there is much more to go for the future. That is why it make sense to start up a complete […]

Logbook Entry #8

Oldies but Goldies Part 2. „The Ambience of the End“ The original recording by Wolle Dunkel & Roger G Rezten aka TAM TAM was made 1996 in thee „einklang studio“ chamber. Remastered and released 2016 by Likedeeler Recordings as LR 0239.. injoy Listen to TAM TAM – The Abience of the End byLIKEDEELER RECORDINGS on […]

Logbook Entry #7

Oldies but Goldies…. Yep this is what we found on old tapes 1998 Recorded by Horus T. Cartwright in analog digital fever Right now rereleased exclusive on Likedeeler Recordings. LR1234 Listen to International Brotherhood of Music – Heimatlied byLIKEDEELER RECORDINGS on hearthis.at

Log-Book entry 4

Likedeeler Recordings is proud to present thee 100. Upload ! And if this was´nt enough, this track is free for Download.. En & Injoy the latest minimalistic VB-Tune called „Klabauter“ Quelle: The Vitalian Brothers – KLABAUTER (Pink Noise 23 Edith) | LIKEDEELER RECORDINGS | Streame auf hearthis.at